Information Technology and Development
The Information Technology and Development team manages Genomedics’s key business and technical infrastructure — from network development and support to managing websites and applications. The division “APPMedics” offers comprehensive advice in the development and implementation of applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile, in the management of all activities, from the development until the publication and promotion of APP in the “Store” reference.
Technology Solutions
We’ve all heard the latest technology buzzwords — big data, social media, natural language processing, data visualization, machine learning and gamification to name a few. As the pace of technology has accelerated, the impact within our industry has been profound. Our team has a passion for technology and a desire to work with leading scientists to invent new and better ways of generating and delivering evidence to our clients.
Clinical Intelligence and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) development
Implementation and management of systems “Clinical Intelligence”, “Clinical Decision Support” and “Data warehouse” with a deep understanding of the key technologies for the strategic management of information.
Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion
Development of studies and epidemiological research: clinical epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiology, population health and its determinants.
Web Applications and E-learning technologies
Development and management of software, web portals and systems of “content” and “knowledge management” for the health sector and the CME (Continuing Medical Education).
Development and validation of prognostic models
Our multidisciplinary team allows us to design, build, implement and evaluate models that estimate the prognostic value of a group of variables, both starting from data with estimates that indirect calibration evaluated by this literature including both clinical trials that observational studies already published.
Outcomes Research
The group Outcomes Research combines a unique portfolio of scientific disciplines, including health sciences, epidemiology, and other social sciences. Our work includes developing quantitative and qualitative assessments of clinical outcomes including dell’interzazione doctor-patient and measurements taken by observers specific designed to assess the impact of the disease and treatment.
Retrospective observational studies: pharmacoepidemiology, clinical epidemiology, surveillance and health promotion
The team dedicated to the retrospective observational supports customers throughout the entire life cycle of pharmaceutical products, from initial planning to launch pre-launch and post-marketing management. We focus on helping clients design and conduct studies of (drug) epidemiology and health economics (ie budget impact of disease and cost-effectiveness of drugs) to demonstrate and support the value of their products. Through the analysis of databases of individual patients (eg .: electronic health records, logs, etc …), we can provide key information regarding the prevalence and incidence of disease, use, effectiveness and safety of drugs, estimation of risk factors, estimated costs of disease and treatment, absorption of direct economic resources.
Statistical Analysis
Our team of statistical and epidemiological provides methodological skills and analytical support for research studies clinical-epidemiological clinical, health economics, construction and validation of prognostic models, prediction of costs, preliminary analysis and estimation of sample size.